031 TRIBE TALK - Getting Naked with Ben Bidwell

This week I am joined by the wonderful Ben Bidwell, also known as the Naked Professor. Ben is a life coach, personal trainer, meditation teacher, blogger and mental wellness advocate. He creates breathtakingly vulnerable images that encapsulate everything that he believes in; breaking the barriers of masculinity, being open and honest and inspiring others around him with kindness and compassion.

Ben has ventured from a closed off, unemotional man who struggled with the typical view of masculinity and struggling to show the man behind the mask. Through his own self discovery he learnt to become vulnerable and now seeks to empower others to embrace themselves and not allow society to impose rules and define who we are.

I absolutely loved my chat with Ben and everything that he embodies. We covered so much and I left feeling inspired and motivated and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

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Emily Andrew