028 TRIBE TALK - The Sober Diaries & Life In The Hot Lane with Clare Pooley

This week I have a beautiful conversation with the effervescent Clare Pooley.

In her words; Clare is a fifty-year-old mother of three living in London. In 2015, after decades of being rather overly fond of a glass or three of wine, she quit drinking. By way of therapy, she started a blog called Mummy was a Secret Drinker. That blog became a book, The Sober Diaries, described by her publishers as Bridget Jones Dries Out.

Clare then started writing fiction, and her first novel, The Authenticity Project is being published in April 2020 in twenty-nine territories.

Then Clare hit fifty and decided to take up blogging again, as a way of navigating the hostile landscape that women over forty-five are facing.

During this conversation we chat about Clare’s experience so far and what she learnt through getting sober and finding her Tribe.

Twitter: @cpooleywriter

Insta: @clare_pooley

Facebook: @SoberMummy

Blogs: www.mummywasasecretdrinker@blogspot.com

Life in the Hot Lane 

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Emily Andrew