025 TRIBE TALK - Creating a Movement - Mental Health, Yoga and Building a Community with Lisa Shaw

Sam sits down with one of her favourite yoga teachers, Lisa Shaw, to delve into Lisa’s life journey.

Lisa chats honestly about her battles with mental health, she shares her life story and delves into the things that she found comfort in during her harder days.

Lisa is currently creating a new yoga studio in Edinburgh with her business partner, but it is so much more than a yoga studio, it is a Movement. She believes this is the culmination of her life’s experiences to build a community where people who are struggling with mental health problems can come, she wants to create this safe space for them, to provide yoga, movement, meditation and a space where they don’t feel alone and they can open up.

Lisa is such an inspiring human and it was such a pleasure to be able to listen to her story and now share it with you.

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Emily Andrew