024 TRIBE TALK - Self Love With Sarah Little

This week we are joined with the incredible ray of sunshine Sarah Little.

Sarah’s journey really began around 3 years ago and she has been on a mission ever since to really understand what self love means to her and it has completely changed the way that she lives and how she feels.

We chat all about Self Love and although it has become a bit of a buzz word on social media we share what it really means and how it is personal to everyone.

We also talk about body positivity and some of the pit falls that we have all encountered in a world of extremes. We discuss the way us Brits approach self love, body positivity in the way that only we know how!

Sarah is someone that you can follow knowing that she always shows up as her most authentic self and isn’t afraid to be herself.

Head over to her Instagram and give her a follow as well as following us at @healthybalancewithemily & @thewildestdreamer as you can get the opportunity to win a membership to either The Tribe or The Self Love Circle!!

You can find more information about Sarah’s Self Love Sleepover at her website; www.selflovesarah.com and her Instagram @selflovesarah_

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Emily Andrew