022 TRIBE TALK - Sober As F**k With Sarah Ordo

This week Emily is joined by the incredible Sarah Ordo!

Sarah is a self-published author, entrepreneur, makeup artist, mindset & life coach, podcast host, and YouTuber! She is also a huge advocate for sobriety and empowering other women in their own journey with alcohol.

We chat about the experience that left her knowing that she needed to stop drinking and how her life has changed in the last 4 years since being sober. We also talk about her book Sober As F**k and the many other books she has self-published including the most recent Thirty As F**k.

Sarah also talks about a little known fact- she actually appeared on the MTV Show Catfish find out how during our interview!

It was such a pleasure interviewing such a genuine, positive soul so make sure you tune in!

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You can find Sarah:


Instagram: @24luxe_sarah

Facebook and Youtube : Sarah Ordo

And buy her books over on Amazon!

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Emily Andrew