018 TRIBE TALK - Addiction, Mental Health & SAS Who Dares Wins With Michael Maisey

This week I chat to Michael Maisey all about his journey from an angry young man to the inspirational figure that he is today. Michael is an actor, Entrepreneur, public speaker, author of the upcoming book ‘Young Offender’ as well as a husband and proud dad of 2 girls.

This year marks Michael’s 11th year of being sober and in our chat we talk about his life. I absolutely loved chatting to Michael and I think that his strength and courage throughout his life. The incredible way that he is open and talks about mental health and addiction is something that everyone needs to hear and there needs to be more men like him around and on social media.

We talk all about how Michael got sober and what helped him the most during his recovery. We also chat about acting and our individual experiences in the acting world that we’ve had and our reflections on that. We also discuss his experience on Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins and the people that he met during the process and whether we see enough on social media and tv in regards to addressing mental health issues and the subject of equality between men and women. Michael also shares with me his views on becoming a parents and how that uncovered new lessons that he had to undertake even after being sober for many years.

I know that no matter who you are, where you are from or what you are going through you can take something empowering from our chat this week.

You can find Michael on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook by searching @mistermaisey or clicking on the links below. If you’re interested in signing up to Michael’s ‘Time To Change’ program (It’s FREE so you totally should) https://timeforchange.mykajabi.com/




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Emily Andrew