017 TRIBE TALK - The Doctor Will See You Now With Dr Joshua Wolrich Part 2

We’re back in the den with Dr Joshua Wolrich this week to continue our conversation about all things health, food relationship and SClub Juniors!

Dr Joshua Wolrich has had a bit of a journey on social media. Working as a surgical trainee in London, he originally started his Instagram account as a weight loss account by the name @unfattening. Over the past few years he has become acutely aware of the problematic nature of indiscriminately encouraging weight loss. After a rebrand to @drjoshuawolrich, he focuses on improving one’s relationship with food through addressing #nutribollocks and reminding us that there is so much more to health than our weight on the scale.

In this episode we chat about being vegan, the celery juice instagram craze, how placebo can effect symptoms of illness and the power of belief and positive mindset. We also touch on how social media and the ability for patients to google symptoms can be problematic for doctors who then favour online advice and alternative medicine in favour of medical fact and science. The issue of fighting cancer with an alkaline diet instead of chemotherapy and avoiding vaccines and antibiotics due to fear.

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Emily Andrew