016 TRIBE TALK -The Doctor Will See You Now With Dr Joshua Wolrich Part One

This week we are chatting to the incredible Dr Joshua Wolrich and honestly? We could probably have talked to him all day.

Dr Joshua Wolrich has had a bit of a journey on social media. Working as a surgical trainee in London, he originally started his Instagram account as a weight loss account by the name @unfattening. Over the past few years he has become acutely aware of the problematic nature of indiscriminately encouraging weight loss. After a rebrand to @drjoshuawolrich, he focuses on improving one’s relationship with food through addressing #nutribollocks and reminding us that there is so much more to health than our weight on the scale.

On this half of the podcast we chat about how Joshua started on his weight loss journey and how that began to change into a fascination with one’s relationship with food. We discuss our thoughts on the Australian weight loss study, ‘Fast Track To Health’ that is targeting teenagers and putting them through a gruelling starvation/intermittent fasting/calorie controlled plan over the course of a year. We also discuss the effects that food can have on our bodies and whether it can be a factor is treating chronic illness as well as sharing our views on popular diets such as The Cambridge Diet and Weight Watchers and how to challenge those who spread misinformation.

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Emily Andrew