014 TRIBE TALK - Saying Yes with Reese Evans from YES SUPPLY

This week Emily is talking to the wonderful Reese Evans from YES SUPPLY.

Reese Evans is a Master Life and Success Coach, Speaker, and founder of the coaching and empowerment platform YES SUPPLY.

She focuses on helping you find your purpose in life, tap into your inner power to fulfil your potential, create your absolute YES in life, and get paid to be you. She does this through teaching how to harness + tap into the power of your mind and energy, teaching Mind Mechanics, NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Life and Success coaching, energy work and Deep Mindset work.

Emily and Reese talk all about the Yes Supply method, how Reese became the incredible woman she is today, how to get past comparison and negativity blocks and of course, there’s always a game which Reese totally schools Emily at!

You can find more from Reese on Instagram: @yessupply

and even more on her coaching qualification at www.yessupply.co/certified

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Emily Andrew