006 TRIBE TALK - A Happy Mind With Sam Hearne

This week we are chatting to the ray of sunshine that is Samantha Hearne from A Happy Mind.

Sam is an award winning anxiety and business coach for women & bestselling author of the book “Let’s Kick Anxiety’s Butt”.

Sam coaches women to overcome anxiety and feel the way they deserve, as well as business coaching and teaching her clients how to start playing big - without anxiety holding them back.

This week we discuss how anxiety has affected each of us in our lives and the top tips for someone who may be struggling with anxious thoughts or feelings.

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You can find Sam:

On Instagram: a.happy.mind

On Facebook: A Happy Mind

And on her Website: www.ahappymind.co.uk

Find us on IG: @healthybalancewithemily & @the.wildest.dreamer

Emily Andrew