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039 TRIBE TALK - Finding Confidence with Amy Rushworth

This week I am joined by the fantastic Amy Rushworth, we chat all about finding inner confidence, following your dreams and how to deal with imposter syndrome.

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Amy Rushworth is a leading Transformation & Confidence Coach helping people worldwide to ignite their fire, harness confidence and blaze their dream path in life. Amy empowers women who are burnt out and unfulfilled to free themselves from unhealthy patterns and manifest a life that lights their soul up. Through her 121 coaching, online courses, business mentoring programs, worldwide retreats and her The Amy Rushworth Show podcast, Amy guides women worldwide to master their inner critic, overthinking and self-sabotaging, so they can feel wildly worthy and fiercely confident in every area of their life. Whether you’re looking to heal your anxiety, find your purpose, call in a soulmate, access more pleasure or reinvent your emotional well-being, Amy can support you to get your spark back.


038 TRIBE TALK - In the Chair with Dr Kelly Donohoe

This week I chat to the incredible Dr Kelly Donohoe, a licences psychologist her work centers on research, relationships, and consultation.

We talk about how Kelly followed what she loved and entered into the work that she does, living authentic lives and how living a life that doesn’t fit what is inside of you can lead to depression and anxiety.

We have a really interesting chat about modern day and how we think it has effected our mental states. Why we should unfollow the things that don’t make us feel good online and in real life and also the problem with comfort in the uncomfortable and judging peoples coping skills.

If you want to find more about Unconscious Bias and Fluid EQ then Kelly gives us a little snapshot into her upcoming book and you can find out more online.

You can find Kelly online:

Website -

Twitter, Facebook & Instagram - @drkellydonohoe

You can also find out more about unconscious bias here -

037 TRIBE TALK - Exploring the Mind of a Survivor with Megan Hine

This week I am joined by the absolutely incredible Megan Hine; Megan is an internationally renowned survival expert, celebrity expedition leader and author of ‘Mind of a Survivor’.

From a young age Megan loved to get out in nature and began to push herself to see how far she could go. She soon got into mountaineering, survival and bushcraft instruction which led to a fascination with the way the human mind deals with the hostile wilderness environment. Megan has become fascinated with exploring the psychology of Survival, building resilience and an understanding of mindfulness through extreme situations.

Today we chat about what led Megan onto her path as well as the importance of creativity and going with the flow in modern society. I am absolutely in awe of Megan, of her achievements so far in her career and personal life. This is one episode of TRIBE TALK that is definitely not to be missed.

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You can find out all about the absolutely incredible excursion to Mongolia with Megan on her website;

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036 TRIBE TALK - The Clumsy Mum Jess Perry

This week I am joined by my long time friend Jess, also known as @clumsymum who joins me for a chat all about motherhood and everything in between.

During our chat we talk frankly about the realities of miscarriage as well as raising a child as a single mum. Jess is now happily married with a 6 year old daughter and a 18 month old son (who is in the background) and is embracing the crazy times and sharing the perfectly imperfect every day on a platform that usually only shows everyones highlight reel.

You can find Jess on Instagram: @clumsymum & Twitter: @lilwedagent

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035 - TRIBE TALK - BJ's and Alcohol Free Champagne

It’s just me today!

I am braving the mic alone to chat all about my experience so far giving up alcohol. On my 28th birthday I decided to embark on a one year sober challenge and 4 months in i’m going to be sharing some of the takeaways so far.

Some of the people that have really inspired me on this journey are:

Michael Maisey : @mistermaisey

Clare Pooley: @clare_pooley

Sober Girl Society: @sobergirlsociety

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034 TRIBE TALK - Seeking Joy with Shannon Kaiser

This week I am joined by the incredible soul that is Shannon Kaiser.

Shannon is an inspirational author, speaker, travel writer, teacher and life coach who left her successful career in advertising over a decade ago to follow her heart and be a writer. Since then she has become a best selling author of Find Your Happy, Find Your Happy Daily Mantras, Adventures for Your Soul, The Self Love Experiment and her upcoming book Joy Seeker which will be out on October 29th.

Pre-Order Joy Seeker



033 TRIBE TALK - Make It Masterminds with James and Julien

This week I am joined by the lovely due James and Julien who host the podcast Make It Masterminds.

We chat about what got them started in the podcast world as well as their biggest takeaways from their experience so far.

Join us for a chat that spans everything from UFO’s to Jesus to Tupac and beyond!

You can find Make It Masterminds wherever you get your podcasts.

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032 TRIBE TALK - Love & Marriage with Persia Lawson

This week I am joined by the beautiful soul that is Persia Lawson.

Persia is an Author, Speaker + Love Coach who is passionate about helping women get (and sustain) healthy, soulful, lasting relationships in the chaos of the modern dating world.

We chat about how Persia got to where she was today and about relationships in the modern world. We talk about our experiences in relationships past as well as our engagements and the subsequent wedding frenzy that occurs after.

If I could, I would have chatted to Persia all day, her outlook on life, love and relationships is so positive and the story of how she met Joe is like something out of a movie.

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You can find Persia online at and on Instagram @persialawson

031 TRIBE TALK - Getting Naked with Ben Bidwell

This week I am joined by the wonderful Ben Bidwell, also known as the Naked Professor. Ben is a life coach, personal trainer, meditation teacher, blogger and mental wellness advocate. He creates breathtakingly vulnerable images that encapsulate everything that he believes in; breaking the barriers of masculinity, being open and honest and inspiring others around him with kindness and compassion.

Ben has ventured from a closed off, unemotional man who struggled with the typical view of masculinity and struggling to show the man behind the mask. Through his own self discovery he learnt to become vulnerable and now seeks to empower others to embrace themselves and not allow society to impose rules and define who we are.

I absolutely loved my chat with Ben and everything that he embodies. We covered so much and I left feeling inspired and motivated and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

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030 TRIBE TALK - Killers Anonymous with Elizabeth Morris

This week I am joined by writer and actress Liz Morris to talk about her new film Killers Anonymous starring Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, David Alexander, Isabelle Allen and Liz herself!

We chat about how Liz got into screen writing and about our own experiences in the acting world - what lessons we learnt from them as well as the importance of creative arts in the world and in young people.

We giggle about British humour and the importance of sharing stories even when they get gritty. Keeping humour even in the dark times and taking your experiences and thinking “ok how can I help some one else”.

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029 TRIBE TALK - The Year I Didn't Eat with Samuel Pollen

This week I chat to Samuel Pollen, author of ‘The Year I Didn’t Eat’ which follows teenage Max through his experience with anorexia..

We talk very frankly about eating disorders amongst men and how societies view on what someone with an eating disorder looks like as well as the pressures of masculinity. We share our experiences living with an eating disorder and what helped during treatment, recovery and in life afterwards.

Sam also talks about his experiences of writing the book have effected him and shares his most recent talk on mental health awareness week.

You can find Sam online;

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028 TRIBE TALK - The Sober Diaries & Life In The Hot Lane with Clare Pooley

This week I have a beautiful conversation with the effervescent Clare Pooley.

In her words; Clare is a fifty-year-old mother of three living in London. In 2015, after decades of being rather overly fond of a glass or three of wine, she quit drinking. By way of therapy, she started a blog called Mummy was a Secret Drinker. That blog became a book, The Sober Diaries, described by her publishers as Bridget Jones Dries Out.

Clare then started writing fiction, and her first novel, The Authenticity Project is being published in April 2020 in twenty-nine territories.

Then Clare hit fifty and decided to take up blogging again, as a way of navigating the hostile landscape that women over forty-five are facing.

During this conversation we chat about Clare’s experience so far and what she learnt through getting sober and finding her Tribe.

Twitter: @cpooleywriter

Insta: @clare_pooley

Facebook: @SoberMummy


Life in the Hot Lane 

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027 TRIBE TALK - FIFO Zero, Eradicating Suicide & Balinese Monkeys With Blake Wood

This week I am joined by the wonderful Blake Wood!

We discuss FIFO Zero which is striving to eradicate suicide in the mining community for good, how community can create connection and how we work together to start to look at mental health as being as important (if not more important) as physical health. We discuss Blake’s experience and what helped him on his journey including how understanding why we do what we do can help to transform us from living as a product of our upbringing into becoming aware and more than what we ever thought possible. 

Reinvent You® 

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026 TRIBE TALK - In The Den With Sam & Emily

This week Sam and Emily catch up in the den and share all the things that have been happening over the past month.
After attending a workshop by Joe Dispensa Sam shares her biggest takeaways from the event.

This brings us to a discussion about positive mindset, the power of manifesting and how far we both believe it can go.

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025 TRIBE TALK - Creating a Movement - Mental Health, Yoga and Building a Community with Lisa Shaw

Sam sits down with one of her favourite yoga teachers, Lisa Shaw, to delve into Lisa’s life journey.

Lisa chats honestly about her battles with mental health, she shares her life story and delves into the things that she found comfort in during her harder days.

Lisa is currently creating a new yoga studio in Edinburgh with her business partner, but it is so much more than a yoga studio, it is a Movement. She believes this is the culmination of her life’s experiences to build a community where people who are struggling with mental health problems can come, she wants to create this safe space for them, to provide yoga, movement, meditation and a space where they don’t feel alone and they can open up.

Lisa is such an inspiring human and it was such a pleasure to be able to listen to her story and now share it with you.

To find out more about Lisa follow her here

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024 TRIBE TALK - Self Love With Sarah Little

This week we are joined with the incredible ray of sunshine Sarah Little.

Sarah’s journey really began around 3 years ago and she has been on a mission ever since to really understand what self love means to her and it has completely changed the way that she lives and how she feels.

We chat all about Self Love and although it has become a bit of a buzz word on social media we share what it really means and how it is personal to everyone.

We also talk about body positivity and some of the pit falls that we have all encountered in a world of extremes. We discuss the way us Brits approach self love, body positivity in the way that only we know how!

Sarah is someone that you can follow knowing that she always shows up as her most authentic self and isn’t afraid to be herself.

Head over to her Instagram and give her a follow as well as following us at @healthybalancewithemily & @thewildestdreamer as you can get the opportunity to win a membership to either The Tribe or The Self Love Circle!!

You can find more information about Sarah’s Self Love Sleepover at her website; and her Instagram @selflovesarah_

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023 TRIBE TALK - I Would Walk 500 Miles With Kate Carr

his week we are joined with a wonderful human being who also happens to be Emilys big sister!

Kate is a wife, a mum of 2 girls, 2 dogs and is currently training for an ultimate challenge; The Cotswold Way!

The Cotswold Way is a 100km walk which Kate and a few colleagues from her work (First Choice Conference and Events based in Cheltenham) are undertaking all in the name of charity.

The challenge will see them walk without stopping for 100km along the Cotswold Way; starting in Bath on Saturday June 29th 2019 and finishing in Cheltenham sometime on Sunday 30th. They will be tackling some intimidating hills and walking right through the night for around 30 hours depending on pace. This will be the toughest physical challenge to date and the training alone will see Kate and the others kissing goodbye to weekends for the next 6 months.

Sue Ryder's Leckhampton Court Hospice in Cheltenham have looked after at least one of Kate’s family members, the hospice and the nurses working there are incredibly wonderful. The care that they provide is second to none and it is such a beautiful and special place for people during the hardest times of their lives. It is such an important charity that needs a lot of donations in order to continue to support those families that are going through serious illnesses with loved ones as well those who are coming to the end of their lives.

Follow Kate’s journey on Instagram @kates_ little _steps and on her blog:

You can donate to Kate’s fundraising page for Sue Ryder here:

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022 TRIBE TALK - Sober As F**k With Sarah Ordo

This week Emily is joined by the incredible Sarah Ordo!

Sarah is a self-published author, entrepreneur, makeup artist, mindset & life coach, podcast host, and YouTuber! She is also a huge advocate for sobriety and empowering other women in their own journey with alcohol.

We chat about the experience that left her knowing that she needed to stop drinking and how her life has changed in the last 4 years since being sober. We also talk about her book Sober As F**k and the many other books she has self-published including the most recent Thirty As F**k.

Sarah also talks about a little known fact- she actually appeared on the MTV Show Catfish find out how during our interview!

It was such a pleasure interviewing such a genuine, positive soul so make sure you tune in!

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You can find Sarah:

Instagram: @24luxe_sarah

Facebook and Youtube : Sarah Ordo

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021 TRIBE TALK - Climbing Mountains with Sophie Grace Holmes

This week we are chatting to the incredible Sophie Grace Holmes. Sophie is a Personal Trainer, Public Speaker, Extreme Athlete & Adventurer and generally bloody amazing!!

We chat about the many challenges that Sophie has faced in her life and with her health and how her positivity and her determination has enabled her to literally overcome mountains.

We also talk about love, relationships and life including getting very excited about puppies!

Sam convinces Emily to FINALLY sign up for a Tough Mudder and we play a game of would you rather.

You can find Sophie on instagram @sophiegraceholmes

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020 TRIBE TALK - The Happy News With Sam and Emily

Join us for another instalment of The Happy News!

This week we are back with more useless news stories that will give you absolutely no beneficial knowledge at all other than to make you smile...and possibly help with a general knowledge portion of a pub quiz!

This week we feature Jason Mamoa, Richard Hammond, the ultimate girl boss, a great adventure, an OCD mouse who Emily believes may be some distant relative of her husband and more smut than you can shake a stick at.