"The best (in my opinion) Pilates tutor around. Emily is knowledgeable, patient (not to mention bendy �)and uses this to help you perform to your best. I have loved my sessions with her and cannot recommend it enough. It has been a wonderful start to my Pilates education. Look forward to it continuing."

— nikki

"Have been a regular in Emily’s classes for well over a year. I was an absolute beginner at first and felt very welcome immediately. Emily is a fabulous teacher and I would highly recommend her classes!."



"I started pilates with Emily in September. Very nervous having never tried pilates before and I wasn't sure I would be able to do it. From my very first session I loved it and have had a weekly lesson ever since. Emily is a wonderful teacher who puts you at ease and talks you through each step with encouragement! It gives me some much needed "me time"... and when I can't make it because life takes over there are online workouts to follow! Thank you Emily!"



"since starting pilates classes with emily, i have improved my flexibility and can feel my core tightening up as well. Emily’s classes are fun and she provides different levels of each exercise so you can really push yourself if you so want. i would recommend her classes to anyone wanting to try pilates out. "

— andy

"Emily is amazing. A total novice, recovering from illness, I signed up to Pilates frankly cynical about the benefits it could bring. I’ve never looked back. Emily’s relaxed and motivational approach to teaching has made sessions with her an essential part of my week! "

— charlotte


"i started pregnancy pilates at around 17 weeks pregnant and have had a weekly 1-1 ever since. the workouts are always tailored to what i need each week depending on any new aches and to accommodate my growing bump! emily is professional, friendly and knowledgeable and i always feel encouraged to push myself. highly recommended, especially in pregnancy, i’m sure it is what has kept me so mobile as i have got bigger and more uncomfortable! 30 weeks now and still working 12 hour shifts on my feet with hardly any aches and pains - i put it down to the pilates keeping me strong. "

— athen


"i’ve been doing pilates with emily since i had my baby - it’s been a great way to start regaining my strength and flexibility at a class that i can bring my baby to. emily is a brilliant instructor with great technique. as a physiotherapist i can be pretty picky about exercise classes, but i would definitely recommend emily! "

— Louise

"I love going to Emily's classes, the small numbers, the relaxed atmosphere and the personal touch are what makes it special for me. I always come away from a class feeling so much better. Literally anyone could come to a class with Emily it doesn't matter what level you are at, she will teach according to your needs. "

— sarah


"Cannot recommend enough! Emily's enthusiasm is contagious. I have been doing pilates on-and-off for a few years since having children and I am so pleased to have found Emily and her online community. She is hands down the best teacher - friendly, knowledgable, clear and patient - and her studio is a beautiful oasis of calm. My baby and I loved the mother and baby class and Emily led the workout around Max's needs and mood which was fantastic. As I am heading back to work now I will be doing the online classes. This is such a clever idea as I would struggle to find the time to attend a class regularly. With the online membership I'm aiming to do 2-3 classes a week. Thank you!"

— abi