Hi there!

I'm Emily, a Pilates teacher and Personal trainer from Cheltenham. Giving men and women of all ages and fitness types the opportunity to become healthier, happier and more balanced in body and mind.

I qualified as a Level 3 Pilates Teacher in April 2014 with Michael King and completed my Level 3 Personal Training qualification soon after. Since then I have been working with clients from the ages of 15 to 85 helping them to achieve their goals and more.

I work in person and online to bring easily accessible, effective Pilates workouts and courses to help ditch diets, heal your relationship with food and your body and live a more balanced life.

I am passionate about living a life free from restriction and addiction. I believe in health, Pilates and people and aim to introduce everyone to a highly effective and sustainable form of exercise, which can transform their bodies and attitudes to life.


You Will Never Hate Yourself Into A Body You Love


No matter what your goal or target Emily can give you the support and knowledge to get you there.

Pilates is a low impact, full body exercise system which has a reputation worldwide for improved health and great results. Using controlled movements Pilates can improve full body strength, mobility, posture, flexibility and reduce or even eradicate pain.

Who is Pilates for?

Everybody!- No matter your age, sex or physical fitness level you can benefit from the Pilates Method.

Get fitter, stronger and more toned.

Improve your performance in sport and daily life.

Injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Posture improvement and body rebalancing.

Prenatal and postnatal.

Weight loss and returning to exercise.

Emily helps you to start building healthy habits, through small goals and targets, celebrating them with you and then aiming one step further. There is no gruelling schedule or fad diets and routines. Step by step your small changes will become healthy habits; before you know it your attitude towards health and fitness will have completely changed and you will develop a healthy and positive relationship with your body.