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 How to Use the Booking System

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  1. Click on the Classes tab

  2. You will then see the different appointments available.

  3. Select Pilates Classes

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4. Select the class that you want.

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5. Select the date and time that you want.

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6. Select continue.

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7. Enter in your details.

8. Entering your phone number will mean you get text reminders but if you want to opt out just text back ‘STOP’.

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9. Make sure to complete the health questionnaire form - you’ll only need to do this once.

10. You can choose to ‘Pay Now’ which will complete your purchase through Stripe. You can choose to ‘Pay with Paypal’ or if you would prefer to pay via BACS or in cash just choose to ‘Pay later’.

11. Once you have booked onto a class once you can choose to ‘Register for an Account’ which will save your details for the next time making it even easier to book. Just press ‘Log in’ and choose your class.

12. You will also have the option to cancel and reschedule classes (please refer to the booking policy for details).

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Class Passes

  • Class passes give you 5 classes for a discounted rate..

  • It is important that you book all classes in your pass.

  • Class passes must be paid for online either by Stripe or Paypal.

  • Once you have paid for a class pass it will be added to your account.

  • Head back to the classes section and you’ll see your class pass code.

  • Select the classes you want to book into and you’ll be prompted to redeem your code.

  • Select ‘Redeem Package’ and your class will appear as £0.00

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