How To Heal Diastasis Recti A.K.A The Mum Tum

Over the last few months I have been asked a lot about Diastasis Recti and whether there is anything to be done to help to banish the dreaded “mum tum”.

Firstly, if you are someone who has had a baby and may be struggling to “bounce back”, my first piece of advice to you is; GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. You have done something incredible and created LIFE, you are most likely navigating through sleepless nights, first times and sore body parts so please don’t give yourself a hard time!! You’re a badass so never forget that!

Diastasis Recti is different from pregnancy weight gain, it is actually the physical separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs during pregnancy. To physically make space for your growing baby the linea alba (connective tissue) between the rectus abdominis expands during pregnancy. Our bodies are able to effectively “heal” themselves unless an extreme separation occurs, after multiple births or unless they are put through unnecessary pressure or stress.

You can check if you have Diastasis Recti yourself by checking at home. Follow the steps on the infographic for more information.

Pilates is one of the best ways in which you can help to restore your core. It is low impact, focuses on correct alignment and a great way to start to reconnect to your body again. Your Pilates teacher should be able to advise you on which exercises to avoid and give you safe alternative movements when needed. If you ever feel too much pressure or “pulling”, stop, rest and don’t be afraid to ask your teacher if something doesn’t feel right.

Diastasis Recti-5.png

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