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In just 6 weeks you can transform your mindset, break free from dieting cycles and damaging behaviours and feel fitter and stronger than ever!

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I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for such a great programme! I really enjoyed the Pilates workouts and managed to complete four sessions most weeks. It’s one of the most challenging, yet enjoyable Pilates classes I’ve done so far and I’ll certainly continue them (I’m even taking my Pilates Mat on holiday this week!). I’ve learnt to put self care as an important part of my week, so thank you for helping me to do that.

I’ve also seen a physical difference too and lost most of my mum tum bloat! I haven’t looked this toned in such a long time.
— Pippa
I’ve really enjoyed the Pilates, definitely keeping this part of my daily life and have gained so much confidence in myself. I haven’t lost loads of weight on the scales as I have been building muscle in the gym too but I have definitely dropped a clothing size! Am so happy with how I look at the moment and am looking forward to continuing my journey!
— Jess
While away on my hols at Easter I had got pretty cheesed off with how my shape was feeling again & had promised myself I was going to restart Aquazumba on my return. But.... then saw a certain post about this ere 6 week shape up plan and I haven’t looked back 😀👍🏻.
I will admit I was reluctant at first worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with whatever was expected of me, but Emily soon reassured me when I voiced my concerns. It feels so achievable to be able to exercise at whatever time of day fits your life best, with no restriction of times & set classes whilst still being massively supported by Emily 👏👏. Such is her natural personality, when doing the videos, it is just like she’s there with you willing you on!!! Brilliant, so glad I gave it a go & would urge anyone else to do the same.
— Dawn
If anyone is considering doing the 6 week shape up I would say don’t hesitate as what you get lasts for such a long time it’s far more than a 6 week quick fix. The Pilates videos are easy to follow and really well explained by Emily who guides and encourages you every step of the way. You can fit them in as and when you have time too which is a massive bonus for busy mums like me especially! The recipes are easy to follow and most importantly tasty! (They really are!)
The wellness tasks were not something I thought I would get that involved in at the start if I’m honest but they are actually an important part of the process and surprisingly effective if you just give them a try.
It’s a fantastic course to follow and Emily is an amazing teacher, who supports you as much as you want or need, there is no pressure and there’s no fail or pass, just a fantastic course to be a part of.
Thanks for everything.
— Lucy